Accepted Manuscripts

The final manuscript file must be formatted in accordance with JCR‘s Style Sheet. The following documents must be provided via email to the editorial office:

  • Final manuscript in Word format
  • Figure files (if applicable)
  • Web appendix in Word format (if applicable)
  • Ferber eligibility form (if applicable)

After the final materials are sent to the production team at OUP, the corresponding author receives a welcome email (within three business days) with the assigned DOI and instructions for completing the License to Publish.

Within three weeks after submitting the License to Publish, the corresponding author receives a separate email from OUP with a link to their online proofing system and instructions for submitting corrections to the proofs.

The copy editor and typesetter will make corrections and modifications to all manuscripts, so it is important to review the proofs carefully.

The corresponding author should submit corrections and respond to all queries on the proofs within three business days. Please adhere to this timeframe and respond to all queries from the publisher to avoid publication delays and ensure that the article is published with your corrections.

Corrections should be restricted to typos, formatting, and factual errors (no other changes may be made to the manuscript at this stage). Changes contradicting journal style will not be made. In general, and for all matters not covered by the style sheet, JCR follows the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition.

Note: If you expect to be away from email and unable to receive your proofs, or if you need more time to review your proofs, notify the editorial office.

Publication Rights

The corresponding author receives a toll-free link to the HTML and PDF versions of the article when the corrected proof publishes online. This link can be shared with colleagues and contacts.

Authors should review the author self-archiving policy before posting versions of their work on their website, their institution’s website, or other repositories. Note that JCR has a 12-month embargo period for accepted manuscripts.

Detailed information regarding publication rights and permissions for reuse or republication of JCR content is available on OUP’s website. Due to the complexity of copyright matters, all queries related to publication rights and permissions are handled by OUP’s Rights and Permissions department.