Journal of Consumer Research

JCR publishes papers of the highest quality on topics in consumer research. Editors: Bernd Schmitt, June Cotte, Markus Giesler, Andrew Stephen, and Stacy Wood.

Editorial Team Suggestions

The editor in chief selects the editor for each manuscript; authors should not request a specific editor.

However, authors are encouraged to suggest up to three associate editors and five reviewers they consider most appropriate for their manuscript (this applies to new submissions only).

We may not invite these people to serve on the review team (depending on availability and other factors), but it is useful to see which associate editors and reviewers authors believe would be most knowledgeable about their manuscript, both in terms of substance and methods used.

Do not suggest people who have already seen the manuscript, nor anyone with whom you might have a conflict of interest.

In Step 5 of the submission process, enter up to five reviewers appropriate for your manuscript as well as any reviewers who you believe should not review the submission:

  • You may recommend Editorial Review Board members, ad hoc reviewers who have previously reviewed for JCR, or others.
  • Provide brief explanations as well as full names, institutional affiliations, and email addresses.
  • Make sure to choose the appropriate designation (i.e., preferred or opposed).

In Step 6 of the submission process, suggest up to three associate editors in your confidential cover letter to the editor. Provide full names and brief explanations.

Conflicts of Interest

Authors should mention all possible conflicts of interest in their cover letter to the editor.

A conflict of interest (COI) is any relationship that might bias or give the appearance of bias in reviewer assessments or editorial decisions, e.g., current or recent former colleagues, co-authors on other work, advisers, students, close friends or relations, or anyone who has seen or provided comments on earlier drafts of the manuscript.

See our Conflict of Interest Policy.