Policy Board

JCR’s Policy Board is composed of representatives appointed by the journal’s eleven sponsoring organizations. It is responsible for the development and implementation of editorial direction and policy. It is also responsible for the business affairs of the nonprofit corporation that owns the journal.

President: Robert J. Meyer
The Wharton School
American Marketing Association
Richard Wilk
Indiana University
American Anthropological Association
Geeta Menon
New York University
American Association for Public Opinion Research
Co-Vice President: Amber Epp
University of Wisconsin, Madison
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
Allison J. Pugh
University of Virginia
American Sociological Association
Fred M. Feinberg
University of Michigan
American Statistical Association
Co-Vice President: Carolyn Yoon
University of Michigan
Association for Consumer Research
Treasurer: Donald R. Lehmann
Columbia University
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
Tina M. Lowrey
HEC Paris
International Communication Association
Michel Tuan Pham
Columbia University
Society for Consumer Psychology (APA Division 23)
Bernd Wittenbrink
University of Chicago
Society for Personality and Social Psychology (APA Division 8)

Conflict of Interest Policy and Recommended Governance Norms