Conflict of Interest Policy and Recommended Governance Norms for JCR

(revised August 26, 2022)

A conflict of interest occurs when someone in a position of authority has the opportunity to participate in decisions that may lead to a perception of bias or favoritism based on that person’s relationship with an individual who would be affected by the decision.

At JCR, conflicts of interest typically involve decisions made by editors or members of the editorial team, members of the Policy Board, and the like that affect colleagues (former and current), classmates, co-authors (from the past five years), students/advisees, mentors/advisers, rivals, family members, or close friends. Editors might also have conflicts because of their obligations to other journals or organizations.

Our Conflict of Interest Policy and Recommended Governance Norms aim to specify some circumstances in which a conflict of interest might occur and defines policy and governance remedies to address such conflicts.

Please direct all questions or comments regarding JCR‘s conflict of interest policy and governance norms to the Policy Board.