Journal of Consumer Research

JCR publishes papers of the highest quality on topics in consumer research. Editors: Bernd Schmitt, June Cotte, Markus Giesler, Andrew Stephen, and Stacy Wood.

Fewer Contributions, Please!

An important criterion of evaluation of a JCR paper is its contribution to the consumer literature. We are all tempted to write that the paper contributes to A and to B, to C and to D, and E and F. Indeed, claims that a paper contributes to 5-6 different literatures at the same time are not uncommon. I have done it myself. As an editor, however, I am looking for that one BIG contribution that might change the world of consumer research.  Too grand?  Maybe. Still, try to articulate your one, major contribution rather than several smaller ones.

“Just a Thought ….from Bernd Schmitt”
Non-binding ideas for JCR authors.

Bernd Schmitt

Bernd is the Robert D. Calkins Professor of International Business at Columbia Business School and the Editor-in-Chief of JCR.

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