50 Years of JCR: Special Anniversary Issue

Issue Editors: Bernd Schmitt, June Cotte, Markus Giesler, Andrew T. Stephen, Stacy Wood

The Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) invites submissions to its Special Anniversary Issue to be published in June 2024, exactly fifty years after the Inaugural Issue of June 1974.

The Special Anniversary Issue will pay tribute to the diverse and multi-disciplinary nature of consumer research by featuring articles on theory, conceptualizations, and constructs from various disciplinary perspectives (e.g., psychology, economics, sociology, and anthropology), various methodological approaches (e.g., experiments, qualitative studies, empirical modeling, multi-method approaches, machine learning/AI), and a wide range of consumer and consumption phenomena. As always, papers may be conceptual, theory-based, substantive, consumer culture research, or (multi-) methods/empirical quant papers (for a description and evaluation of these types of papers, see appropriate manuscripts and paper evaluation criteria).

Read the full JCR Special Anniversary Issue Call for Papers here.

Markus Giesler

Markus is an associate professor of marketing at the Schulich School of Business and a member of the JCR editorial team.

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