Consumers in a Time of Pandemic: Free Papers

JCR recently launched a focused issue on consumption during times of threat in order to speak to the impact that the pandemic has had on consumers. To support the focused issue, Oxford University Press has generously offered to provide free access to the articles in the issue, along with a collection of related JCR articles, for a limited time.

The articles in the focused issue address responses to economic threats (Coskuner-Balli 2020; Mittal, Griskevicius, and Haws 2020; Ross, Meloy, and Carlson 2020) and health and mortality threats (Dunn, White, and Dahl 2020; Galoni, Carpenter, and Rao 2020; Huang and Sengupta 2020; Scott, Rozin, and Small 2020).

These papers may be used in classes, for journalism, to assist public policy makers, to assist business managers, or for general interest.  Use the above links to get free access now.