Quick Reviewer Do’s and Don’ts

Reviewing is a major service that a consumer researcher can provide to JCR. As editors, we rely on reviewers’ expertise to evaluate submitted papers and to provide comments to authors. Consumer scholars of the Editorial Review Board regularly review for JCR; on many occasions we also appoint ad-hoc reviewers.

We greatly thank all reviewers for their service.

Here are some simple and quick Do’s and Don’ts of JCR reviewing that we recommend:

JCR Reviewer DO’s

  1. Number your comments/suggestions (NYPD).
  2. Use constructive/helpful language.
  3. Ask for clarification and whenever possible offer possible, feasible solutions.
  4. Highlight inconsistencies in logic and inconsistencies between arguments and data.
  5. Distinguish critical vs. less critical issues (what must be addressed, what is optional).
  6. Use focused and structured writing.
  7. Strive for “good enough” not perfection.

JCR Reviewer DON’Ts

  1. Don’t exceed three pages.
  2. Don’t use stream of consciousness writing with no structure or prioritization.
  3. Please do not employ a condescending, patronizing tone but be honest and straightforward.
  4. Don’t point out problems or issues without offering suggested remedies.
  5. Don’t hijack the paper.
  6. Don’t dismiss a paper on very general formulations or comments solely based on taste.
  7. Don’t request radical pivots (e.g., including extensive new data) in later rounds.

Download the JCR Reviewer Do’s and Don’ts as a pdf document.