JCR Revises Contribution Statement

Effective October 1, 2021, JCR is revising its current contribution statement to allow authors to highlight the consumer relevance of the submitted manuscript. The new statement is called “Consumer Relevance and Contribution” statement (see manuscript preparation here).

The purpose of the statement is for authors to show how the paper aligns with the mission of the journal. The statement is an important opportunity for authors to articulate what readers of the manuscript will learn about consumers and/or consumption in the marketplace and the value readers–both academics and practitioners/policy-makers–may derive as they use the insights of the paper in their own research or in the real world.

The Consumer Relevance and Contribution Statement should be submitted as part of the initial submission of a paper. The statement should:

1) clearly articulate the ways in which the research provides important insight into a research topic concerning consumers and/or consumption in the marketplace;

2) situate your research within existing consumer research knowledge and explain what the research adds to what is already known;

3) explain how the research is relevant to and may be used by one or more non-academic constituents.

As editors, we look forward to your Consumer Relevance and Contribution statements.